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The Today Show Got A Rush . . .  

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I'm reading: The Today Show Got A Rush . . .Tweet this!

with one of America's most annoying talk radio hosts.

You know the one I mean -- the one that looks like Porky the Pig after plastic surgery cropped his ears and chiseled his nose. [did I write that!]

Dare I write his name on my blog -- Rush Limbaugh.

I heard this voice mumbling from the t.v and thought, "ghee, that nasally sound sounds familiar"  then I heard Vieira mention his name and I said "yeah, and NOW I'm going to change the channel" 

Limbaugh claims to speak for conservatives, which usually translates into believing in Christian beliefs,  but this attention-getting character is so far from what Christ stands for he needs use of the Stargate to get any where near the ideology.

Later on,  I read the transcript from the show [just couldn't help myself] and Limbaugh admitted to what he and his talk/radio is really  all about -- Money, pure and simple,  the green-back, the high and mighty dollar.

The more repugnant  and outrageous his statements,  the more he can charge the advertisers -- hello!

Advertisers love numbers and so does Limbaugh.

Think about it, the people that listen to his show are either in total and complete love with the man or they loathe and detest him.

His strategy is simple -- outrage and rhetorical shock-treatment.  He makes blood boil either in complete agreement or in outraged opposition.

I've always wondered if he really  believes half of what he says. He's so full of bull paddies it isn't funny.

Right now, he's got the far right conservatives chomping at the bit over Obama's Nobel Peace Prize -- you can almost hear them frothing at the mouth, like rabid dogs. 

Is there anyone out there who does NOT believe that some of these morally-upright-holier-than-thous haven't dropped the "N" word  when referring to our President. If you think not then -- I've got some land for sale in Yellowstone Park!

Some people listen,  then call into the show, either to agree with his nonsense or call in to debate the issues.

Either way the man's got ya!

He's making tons of money off of your  emotion, bias, bigotry etc . . . Emotions that most of you don't have the gonads to admit you've got hidden in your hearts.

Can we hate him for taking advantage of the gullible and raking in the dough?

tha,  tha . . .  that's all folks!

meep meep!       

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