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So . . . Who is Jack Thompson?  

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You'd like too -- wouldn't ya!

Not going to happen. This is still America! And, if you don't like that,  then leave.

Jack Thompson's name keeps popping up all over the Internet. Through Twitter, FriendFeed, on the Mashable blog -- of course, all this hoopla has got me wondering, just who is  this Jack Thompson and why all the fuss.

Wouldn't you know -- Thompson is another Baby Boomer doing what we Boomers do best: Activism. And his long disbarred arm seems to be up, what looks to be, a bunch of Boom buster butts.

What the Boom Busters or Generation Y's don't know is it's people like Thompson whose booming attitudes are  what changed the face of America. Sure, he's an odd ball. He's done things off the norm -- that's what changes things.

He's got his hair up the gamers and rappers ass and they don't like the feel of it.


Maybe there are those of us who don't like your ways and they way your ways digs in our crawl -- ever thought of that.

Has it ever occurred to you that your automaton lives affect other people.

Look, there's an older segment of society that agrees with Thompson's views but not with his tactics. If his law suits are frivolous, they won't go any where. He'll be the courts problem not anyone else.

There must be some iota of truth to what he's complaining about or logical people wouldn't be up in arms. 

He's an attention getter. Thompson does what attention getters do and he's got you!

He's got gamers attention, he's got rapper's attention. They all think he's nuts. So, what!

Let him sue, FaceBook, let him protest modern obscenity [it really is disgusting] let him go after computer and video games [they are violent and graphic] he has every right too.

Why, well, there is this document known as the "Bill of Rights" which are the first ten amendments to the Constitution. TheThird Amendment says:

Article to the third [Amendment I]
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
This document doesn't just pertain to a certain select few. It's for everybody. If you don't like what someone writes or says then don't read it or don't listen -- simple as that. 

This man has been called an IDIOT

He's been accused of HARASSMENT

Now there's a I Hate Jack Thompson campaign. How stupid is this. Don't you all have something better to do, like, pay bills.

Sure, Thompson is off the wall or as they say in the streets "off the hook"  -- who cares!

It seems that it's only the "ma'ambie - pambie crowd who are the ones upset.

Get off your hinies and . . . go plow a field or hoe a garden, or get a job, or read a book.

Get out from in front of the boob-tube and stop worrying about those brain-numbing sex and violent video/computer games.

Stop listening to these so-called musicians who degrade women -- you're all dumbing down America!

**yeah, I said it and. . . **

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2 Replies: to “ So . . . Who is Jack Thompson?

  • 10:16 AM  

    The same rights he has to go after these multiple forms of entertainment are the same rights he's trying to destroy. People say nasty things and do nasty things but there's nothing illegal about it.

    And by the way.

    You're a stupid cunt. :)

  • 10:48 AM  

    So the anonymous coward is calling names. Yes indeed y'all scare me!