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30 Senators Voted Against Rape Victims  

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From the Senate floor Senator Al Franken led an outrageous act against rape and discrimination victims by pushing  through an amendment to the Constitution against them. MinnPOST

On October 7, 2009, thirty Republican Senators voted against the amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill that would prohibit defense contractors ex. Halliburton/ KBR, from getting money if they restrict employees from taking workplace sexual assault, batter and discrimination cases to court.

This is another outrage against victims. What reason could these thirty Senators vote against a bill like this -- they're in bed with the big corporations. They have their greedy fat ole-boys-network paws in the pockets that over-feed them.

Let's call out these insensitive porkers and let them know what they're all about and won't stand for it.

A few Senators to name -- Alexander R-TN, Barrasso-R-WY, Bond R-MO, Brownback R-KS, Bunning R-KY, Burr R-NC, Chambliss R-GA, Coburn R-OK, Cochran R-MS, Corker R-TN READ MORE

If one of these horrendous acts hit home, how quickly would  one of  these Senators sign this bill?

Go sign the petition, let them know that you know who they're sleeping with.

Let them know that constituents from all parties could find themselves in the position of being raped and/or violated.

Let each one of them know, that we the people who put them in their nice cushy positions, won't stand for them raping us from the senate floor.

To see Senator Franken in action see AMENDMENT

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1 Replies: to “ 30 Senators Voted Against Rape Victims

  • 12:26 PM  

    Nothing like being raped again! Especially from the governments floor