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Mr. Nalle -- What Irony Can't You See?  

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Traveling along cyberspace, I came across this article at BlogCritics by Dave Nalle entitled "Do Supporters of Socialized Health Care Just Not See the Irony?"

Sure we do, of which irony are you writing?

Nalle wrote:

The left is eager to dismiss the failures of socialized medicine worldwide and point to irrelevant statistics like life expectancy as if they mean something and wring their hands over the uninsured and call us racists or rednecks or some other sily name to distract from the real issues. But with new examples of how disastrous nationalized health care can be popping up almost every day, their attempts at distraction seem feeble and pointless.

This makes me question what is the real opposition to Obama's health care plan. What really has so many shorts/panites in such a bunch. So far the main complaint I've read is that anything government run is considered socialism or worse.

The catch-all, be-all buzz phrase that has everyone chomping at the bit is the word "socialized"  If anything even looks as if the government wants to be i n
control then it means to people like this, that we're becoming a socialist state, or a communist state.

Baloney! WhooWee!, Bull Paddies!

The left understands why the land of the free and the home of the brave are resistant to these buzz words. We, don't like them either. [not that I'm left, I'm more down the middle]

No, not everyone on the left admires the British National Health system, it's flawed -- we grant that. What we like is the idea of everyone having health coverage. We like the idea, that when a catastrophic illness happens we can go to the doctor without fear of loosing a car or a house or maybe having to sell off our first born child.

The old right way didn't and doesn't work. What did work for them  was pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies and hospital boards became rich. And we wonder how hospitals get away with charging $20.00 for one aspirin.

46.6 million people fall through the cracks. They're not rich enough to afford or their companies refuse to provide, health insurance. Or, they're not poor enough and have loads of kids running around to qualify for welfare health coverage. 

So, they're stuck between a rock and a hard place and just plain mad.

These are 46.6 million people have worked or are working and can't receive health insurance.

All we've heard from the naysayers of nationalized health care is "we're becoming communist or the socialist are coming, the socialist are coming" yet, these same complaining people have no other viable solution to this problem, this very serious problem.

Read More ===> Nalle

Well, some of us want to say to them -- come up with a better solution or just -- shut up.

If some number crunchers were to take a poll among the anti-nationalized health care group asking how many of them have health care versus how many have not -- who's willing to bet that most of them do have health care coverage and could care less about those who don't.

But, [yes, the proverbial but] when over 46.6 million Americans, with no health care coverage, are nonchalantly thought of by the right wing of the most powerful country in the world, this is what's called irony  Mr. Nalle and all those who agree with him,  it's dispassionate, it's amoral,  it's a national  travesty.

It's the same old song, "I have you haven't"-- Marie Antoinette's would say "let them eat cake"  --  oh and sorry about your luck, you won't get to see a doctor when you become diabetic.

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