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SFBG: "F" Bomb -- Spoiled Brattitude!  

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SFBG -- are you guys serious!

And you [and your spoiled brattitude] want to talk about convoluted.

Just -- how  old are you people writing for the San Francisco Bay Guardian?

The Veto letter probably, was the typical form letter that most Politicians send for a vetoed bill. Now, that could be the reason why the substance of the bill, to which you're referring, wasn't dissected to your satisfaction. Anyone with any iota of sense would see that.

No, it seems to me, with my political ignorance and all, that you're just angry because some grown-up told you no -- pure and simple.

But no: Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill -- and sent Ammiano and the legislators a remarkable veto letter. The letter says nothing about the substance of the bill; in fact, the language is really convoluted and it’s hard to figure out what the gov is really saying. MORE

It also seems, that it's your mind that's convoluted, not Governor Schwarzenegger's.

Where oh WHERE  do you read that this letter of veto is in any way, shape or form acrimonious? From a poetic stand point, it's in accidental acrostic form, but come on now, aren't you reaching just a tad bit?

California has enough problems and the Governor probably followed the advice of his advisers and vetoed the bill for the moment. There wasn't any mention of the bill being a waste or not making any sense. The powers-that-be decided that this wasn't the time for this particular expenditure; isn't California almost bankrupt.

You do understand -- don't you? Alright it's like this; remember when you asked your parents to buy that Mercedes for you, and  they said no because they preferred to buy groceries or pay the mortgage -- now do you get it?

Same, same with the Gov.

So, put a cork in it, stop jumping up and down, stop screaming the high heavens, stop stomping your feet and yes, please do get up off the floor! -- you're getting your clothes dirty.

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