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Hello! Rush: There are Black People Working in the NFL . . .  

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I'm reading: Hello! Rush: There are Black People Working in the NFL . . .Tweet this!

. . . didnt' you know -- I know you're not color blind?

I found this article on Technorati and couldn't pass up the itch to respond.

Rush Limbaugh is still in the news. He must be running short on cash because as of late, his jelly jowls have been flapping around on the news and through cyberspace, a bit more often than most civilized people can stand.

Don't let Rush fool you, although he likes only one race of people - no, really he does. He has, like other the other moral-less nimrods of his ilk, a deep abiding love for that flat piece of green paper -- you know the ones I mean, the ones sporting pictures of dead white men on the front -- bigots too can't get enough of these bills.

Their goal [like the rest of us]  is to bring home as much of those duckies, even if off the sweat of the brow of those they claim to be superior too or plain hate. 

In my, not so humble opinion, Rush knew his bid to buy a NFL team wouldn't fly. He, being the megalomaniacal twit that he is, made this bid for attention getting purposes only. And, of course, that goal was accomplished.

His name and face are all over the Internet -- he's the talk of the blogosphere, even the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on the subject -- "The comments that Rush made specifically about Donovan, I disagree with very strongly" Goodell further stated that polarizing comments don't reflect accurately on the NFL  DAILY NEWS.

The more outlandish this man is, the more money he commands.

He's not stupid, he's just a black-hearted hate monger, who milks sensationalism for all that it's worth -- and doing a good job of it too.

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