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Ready to Wave Bye-Bye to "Freedom of Speech"  

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You should be or at least be prepared for the loss of the Western world's most precious freedom --"Free Speech/Freedom of the Press."

This isn't a joke or an exaggeration.

Read around, see how the freedom of speech and the freedom of press are slowly being choked, asphyxiated, extirpated, annihilated -- right out of existence. 

All under the buzz gag of "political correctness" 

What's more incredulous, political correctness seems only to envelop certain groups or cultures. The rest of us can go straight to where the sun doesn't shine and better not whimper one iota about any type of injustice.

The latest outrage against freedom of the press -- German Publisher cancels book that seems to insult Islam. 

This latest weak-kneed attack falls in line with other stomping of free speech rights.

Remember Miss California Carrie Prejean -- fired for stating her stance about gay marriage [even though they say her firing was for contract violations -- sure, got some swamp land in Florida to sell].

In April, the Washington Post had an article about this very subject: "The Free World Bars Free Speech"  which is  just a nice journalistic way of saying -- "free speech is getting hosed by a big one

The Post went on to cite one of the biggest slaps in freedom of speech face I've ever heard/read. Actress Bridgette Bardot was arrested and convicted for inciting "religious hatred"  for a letter she wrote in 2006 to then - Interior Minister of France Nicolas Sarkozy, complaining that Muslims were ruining France.

If that's how Ms. Bardot felt, then she had every right to write and complain.

Is the United States really going to get in bed with oppressors of free speech? I certainly hope not.

Look people or whoever is reading this, I may not like what you have to say, but I'll defend your right to say it. We people of the free world can't let this happen.

I for one, will not shut-up nor will I do as Madea so eloquently requested put the shut with the up -- NO!  to hell with political correctness, I won't be muzzled!

I've stated before -- if you don't like what someone has to say, then don't read it, don't listen to it, walk away from it. But you don't have the right to tromp all over another person's rights.

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6 Replies: to “ Ready to Wave Bye-Bye to "Freedom of Speech"

  • 2:47 PM  

    Squirrelly wrath! :>

  • 3:01 PM  

    Ok Donk! you need to get some sleep.

  • 4:24 PM  

    Why can't people just speak their mind anymore, it has to be covered up by BS for the media. I agree that censorship exists and is getting worse in some ways.

  • 4:45 PM  


    People are thin skinned and hypocritical. What's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander -- it's called double-standards and very pathetic.

  • 6:04 PM  

    I agree. Only people who differ from the norm are allowed to say what they want, the "normal" people are not allowed to have an opinion anymore, because it's politically incorrect.

    This means; eg, gay people are allowed to take a crack at straight people but the opposite is not allowed.

    Complete and utter BS. Maybe we should start an "Orgazination For Relatively Normal People Who Have Opinions" (OFRNPWHO)

  • 7:31 PM  


    My point exactly. Not that I was pointing the finger just at gays, I think that there's more back-bending for certain non Christian religious groups these days.