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Another National Disgrace: Employers who refuse to pay employees.  

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Doesn't sound plausible does it? It's a growing fact and yes, again another growing national disgrace.

How can an employer not come up off the money he/she owes their workers. Never would I have believed that a worker who's worked wouldn't/couldn't  get their pay -- never!

At CNN Justice there's an article about Illegal Immigrants protesting a business who won't pay them. This seems to be a growing trend here in America: 

"When I asked them about the money they owed me, they always had some excuse about why they couldn't pay me," Hernandez said in Spanish. " 'We'll pay you later,' they said."

Hernandez's problem was further complicated by the fact that he is an illegal immigrant. He came to the United States to earn money to send to his family back in Mexico. Illegal immigrants working in low-paying jobs are increasingly targeted by employers, experts say, who find it easier not to pay their salaries. READ MORE

It isn't just Illegal Immigrants getting stiffed by employers. It's happening to your everyday American too.

Could this be why Corporate America wanted to do away with Unions -- so they could sock it to the worker-bees?

Until I moved to Columbus, Ohio I had never heard of Employers paying their Employees with empty promises or just flat out giving them rubber checks on payday.

But, it's happening more often than believed.

A working friend of mine toils 12 to 16 hours a day -- he's an Independent Contractor. When payday comes around, one employer says, "I'll get you on Monday".  When Monday comes there's still no pay.

Or, another Employer paid him with a bad check. He went to one of those fly-by-night grocery stores to cash it. Found out 3 days later that the check went boing, bouncy, boing. Who do you think the store owner is going after for that wayward check? Who does the store owner call the police on? Not the check writer, but the person who cashed it.

There's a lawyer in this city [who shall remain nameless] who's infamous about handing out rubber checks to certain employees. No one can say, with a straight face, that this lawyer doesn't know issuing bad checks is against the law.

Columbus banks now hold checks for at least a week before you get the monies. This is why people go to this little grocery stores to cash them. These stores charge outlandish fees to cash them. This too, is unacceptable. People can't afford this. They have bills to pay. Do these employers think that their employee's landlords, or mortgage companies, want to hear that they're waiting for the check to clear.

The common everyday person, I'm speaking from experience, lives from paycheck to paycheck -- do these employers think that our stomachs aren't growling for immediate food satisfaction?  Do our children want to hear "we've got to to wait for the check to clear so we can eat" -- No!

Something is wrong, something is terribly, terribly wrong with this picture. It's as if Picasso psychedelically painted the economic canvas of this country.

It doesn't  matter whether the workers are illegal or legal, when they put in a hard day's work, they should be paid in a timely manner.

This country is going to hell in a hand basket with no way back.

It's our money and we want it now!

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