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Internet/Computer Illiteracy isn't Fun  

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For some it isn't fun for others it's a comedy chalk full of errors.

Reading the Official Google Blog made me remember how I tried to explain to my friend the difference between Internet Explorer and Windows Vista.

Mr. Toff created a site for those who are Internet and computer challenged. Click on the site and it will tell you what BROWSER you're using.  This site will also invite you to try other browsers.

Yes, you computer geeks and techno snobs, stop laughing. She has no clue what the differences are. And, here I am -- not privy to all techno mumbo jumbo -- trying to explain them.

It's like listening to Dorothy and Rose from the "Golden Girls"  when Dorothy makes a sardonic snip at Rose, then has to explain its sarcasm.

I, by no means am a computer expert. Everything I know has been self taught. So, explaining the Internet/Computer and the bare basic workings of it to someone who doesn't know what the purpose of the start button is a challenge.

My friend still doesn't understand that Internet Explorer or Firefox are web browsers and Windows Vista [I hate Vista, I hate Vista, did I say I hate Vista] or Windows XP are computer operating systems. She then looks at me and says: "what's an operating system"

I don't use the geek speak or the techno talk: "it just makes the damn thing go!"

When I was growing up there was the keypunch machine. I remember it well.

When I was in grade school, my mother went to school to learn how to use the keypunch. After finishing school she hired into the O'neils department store as a keypunch operator.

Now, she won't look at the computer, it's as if she thinks it'll pull a poltergeist move on her and pull her into the monitor.

So, go ahead and laugh, we're out there -- circling computers with sledge hammers.

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2 Replies: to “ Internet/Computer Illiteracy isn't Fun

  • 7:09 AM  

    isn't fun for me , great post , thanks , keep it on .

  • 7:31 AM  

    Thanks for stopping by! We'll get through this cyber world alive!