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Caricaturist Finally Speaks Out . . .  

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Danish caricaturist Kurt Westergaard finally speaks out about his controversial cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Westergaard says: "Muslims need to develop a sense of humor"

I couldn't strongly agree more.

Satire and sarcasm are art forms not everyone can master. Some call sarcasm the thoughts of a weak mind. Those of us who relish satire and/or sarcasm know better.

When people don't understand their context they become offended. Those whose sensibilities are offended usually, are the ones with the problem. Especially if the offense is in the form of a harmless caricature.

One Muslim leader was ridiculous enough to put out a hit on Westergaard:

Several months after the cartoons were published, a Pakistani cleric reportedly offered 1.5 million rupees (16,700 dollars) and a car to anyone who killed Westergaard.  ===> READ MORE

Other Muslims took to the streets in the Middle East, Asia, Denmark and Africa in violent protests.

I remember thinking: How stupid they are for burning things and throwing rocks all because of a cartoon. I also wondered why in some of these places they don't get violent over the murdering of women for honor.

No, no cartoon can take away a person's or a group's right to vote or right to free speech or right live where you want. It's satirical art that makes some people snicker -- then they're done with it.

Westergaard was spot on when he stated: we can say you can speak freely, you can vote, you can speak out anytime, but there's only one thing you can't do -- you can't be free of being mocked or being offended  

Although depicting Muhammad in a comical or negative light may be against the rules in Islam, not everyone in the world follows or believes in Islamic teachings. There's more of a negative light surrounding Islam with its silence and/or denial on the subject of honor killings.

Muslims, like Christians, Jews, Blacks, Women, Men, Dogs, Cats, and any other group stuck by the tip of sharp satire, need to . . .  suck it up and get over it -- this is the way of free speech in a democratic world.

If you don't like what's depicted or said or written [in satire] -- ignore it.

Freedom of speech can't ever be silenced or all other freedoms will too, eventually become mute.

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