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Oh No!, Here We Go -- Windows 7. . .  

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How much more can non-geeks take?

The logo is nice, colorful but will 7 be a pain in the butt to the everyday ordinary user, is the question.

Microsoft must hate those of us who only point and click our way around the computer and cyberspace -- that's got to be it, you hate us.

One thing this techno-babble illiterate knows: I hate Vista!

Look Microsoft let's talk:

Believe it  or not, most of us computer users are just plain ordinary folks who want to click a button and get to where we want to go.

We don't care what the ISO, RTM, RC or any other lettered acronym means. Or what beta means. Or whether the faster boot is made by Gucci or Prada. We just want to use the computer and connect to the Internet -- simple!

The great thing about XP is its simplicity -- get it!

It is simple to use.  We don't have to have an advanced degree in computer engineering or know any complex language to use it or fix it when something goes wrong -- why? XP damn near always fixes itself no matter what computer buffoonery is committed.

Then comes along one of your Microsoft know-it-alls with something better -- that being Vista.

Well -- better for whom? Certainly not better for common every day folk'.

Every time a Vista user turns around it's always asking permission to do something or other. We've got to jump through hoops to get to a file we want.  Right now, a friend of mine keeps trying to do the automatic updates and it fails.

To our way of thinking, when automatic update says install updates -- you click yes and let it do its thing. Is this happening on her computer  no, why?

Frankly, I don't care why -- I just want the errors to go AWAY!  

With XP we can just go to System Restore and set it back to a day when the blasted thing correctly worked.

With Vista, we have to go through layers and layers of minutia just to find system restore. By the time we do find it,  we've already got a sledge hammer standing by to fix it for good.

Now, you, dear Microsoft, have come up with Windows 7. If I remember correctly, it took about 5 years between XP and Vista. How long has it been between Vista and 7 before you decided to come up with something new or to fix your screw-ups? 2, maybe 3 years, what was the hurry?

I'll tell you what the hurry was, Vista sucked, it sucked big ones. Even the experts know Vista sucked big magnum bullets but were to polite to say it in my uncouth, computer illiterate way.

Windows 7 came out 2 days or so ago and there are already questions and some misgivings about it's ease of use for the average joe-smoe, floating about cyberspace.

ComputerWorldUK wrote: Four reasons to upgrade and four reasons to stay away.

It is packed with improvements and cool stuff, but it still carries a whiff of Vista that may put XP diehards off. That said, people who have gotten used to Vista will enjoy the fact that Windows 7 looks the same but acts a whole lot better.  READ MORE

Carries a whiff of Vista -- I'm already hating 7.

Microsoft reminds me of Yahoo -- always fixing something that wasn't broke [XP]. Then they have to go through a couple of generations [Vista, now 7] to get back to when things worked just fine [XP].

Does Microsoft have a case of D.I.D [Dissociative Identity Disorder] or what?

The only thing I may like about 7 is that it boots faster [yes, I know this boot isn't a Gucci or Prada] than XP or Vista.

Other than that, if I have to search and search for files or keep giving permission to do this or that, and if 7 acts like I need a Doctorate in Computer Engineering to use it -- I'll use my trusty OS killer standby,  the sledge hammer.

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1 Replies: to “ Oh No!, Here We Go -- Windows 7. . .

  • 3:09 PM  

    I say stop making computer so complicated. I'm with you my friend. I'm a point and click type of person.