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Casey Anthony: Baez -- Public Mislead  

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Still in the headlines: Casey Anthony

Sorry, I don't think so. Susan Smith had me fooled, I even wept for her but not this time.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

I believe Anthony's guilty. Her body language spoke volumes as I watched the videos.

Geraldo Rivera [he's still alive!] interviewed Jose Baez, a high profile case getting lawyer,  of Casey Anthony.

He believes that much of the public's hatred towards Anthony came from misleading information -- no, it comes from watching her.

Now Anthony's defense team is fighting to get first-degree murder charges dropped which will take the death penalty off the table.

So he told Rivera over the weekend.

October 2,  on the Nancy Grace show, Jean Casarez guest hosted and took over dissecting the facts from a distance.

As usual armchair judges, juries and executioners took a look, as best they could, at the facts as they knew them.

    My questions:

    1. What facts were misleading 
    2. What facts were left out [I thought lying by omission was against the law]
    3. What would be the point in railroading Casey Anthony? 
    4. Why did her trunk smell like something died
    5. Why was she out partying when her baby was missing

    These aren't  muddled questions.

      I, like most of the public, saw the video clips during the height of this story. From what I saw, Casey Anthony didn't look like a grieving mother. All I kept hearing from her was "what about me, me, me!"

      That fact wasn't misleading unless they doctored the videos somehow or the girl in the video wasn't Anthony but an AI [artificial intelligence].

      Yeah, that's it, the girl in the videos was a robot.

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