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Nadya Compared to Kate -- That's an Insult . . .  

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 to Kate!

The title from the New York Daily News photo op reads "Octomom vs. Kate Gosselin: Mega-Mommy Smackdown"

For crying out load -- that's  WWE mentality talking, it's stupid!

The caption went on further to say: "while these two moms seem to have have only their big broods in common, they're more alike than we think." 

Whoever wrote this hasn't a clue as to what the public thinks. This is when the uglies of yellow journalism get under my skin.

I think it's a crime to compare Kate with Nadya. I also believe Nadya tried to copy the Gosselins in order to get into the limelight and grab all the green that comes with it.

If I were Kate, I'd be insulted.

Nadya Suleman is a complete and total nut job -- plain and simple. Kate is the complete mental opposite.

No wonder the celebrities hate the paparazzi and their ilk -- they're preposterous to say the least.

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