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Cat Poop Coffee!  

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Coffee anyone?

It’s early morning and you need a shot of java.

Why not run out and get the new Floridian coffee craze “Cat Poop Coffee” 

Yes, ladies and gents, Cat Poop Coffee: makes ones mouth water.

NBC4 out of Columbus, Ohio reports that a Tampa Florida Coffee house is selling this new rare type of coffee out of Indonesia. The Indonesian Civet which, resembles a cat, eats coffee cherries from trees.

As you can imagine, what the animal’s body doesn’t use then comes out nature’s way.

This delicacy was bought by the Tampa Coffee Shop for a whopping $190.00 a pound. Customers pay $20.00 for a 12oz cup.

Can you imagine – coffee made from poop beans.

Makes you want to run out and get some – doesn’t it! 

More on the story ==> NBC4i

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3 Replies: to “ Cat Poop Coffee!

  • 8:30 AM  

    I have the nerve to sit here and drink coffee while writing this!

  • 10:47 AM  

    Why are we regurgitating old news from 2003 episodes of Oprah? Things with 191,000 references in Google already:

    Is Florida that backwards?

    This stuff is, and always has been, a gag novelty for the coffee tourist who is too ignorant to tell the difference between price and quality.

    Let's grow out of the sophomoric scatological snickering and move on, please.

  • 1:28 PM  

    Hey, tell the news departments that it's old news.