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Out of Touch Obamas: Oh Please!  

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 Well, I guess this family shouldn't be dressed nice or have their hair combed or speak with any type of eloquence. Because some of America just doesn't like the fact that they aren't uneducated and unhappy ragamuffins.

Sometimes I think Americans are truly brain dead -- their elevator never reaches the top floor, they're one brick shy of a load. Something is seriously and contemptuously wrong. 

Really, I think that with some Americans their lights are on but their shades of stupidity or bigotry are pulled down.

Fine dislike the President's politics, you ARE allowed but don't put limits on him or his family that you wouldn't and didn't put on other Presidential families.

The Onion posted a poll: "Happy Healthy Obamas Out of Touch With Miserable Americans"

Will America please get a grip!  

Someone out there please show me one President or any  high ranking political official  who is "in touch" with miserable Americans.

Not one person in America can say, with a straight face, that the Bush family  [either Presidential family]  was in touch with the average working American.

The second George Bush did a bang up job with economically raping the working American but that seems to be hunky-doorie with quite a few Americans.

None of these higher ups can relate to the everyday life of the working class American. NOT ONE!

Not the Chaneys, nor the Bidens, nor the Clintons, nor the Gores, nor the Regans,  shall I go on.

Now, some how, it must be different with the Obamas.

Is America still steeped that deep in bigotry or are Americans just that stupid -- either way,  y'all  scare me.

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2 Replies: to “ Out of Touch Obamas: Oh Please!

  • 12:50 PM  

    People are just jealous. They need to give Obama a chance to clean up the mess Bush left.

  • 5:00 PM  

    I agree, they're quick to look for something, ANYTHING they do wrong.