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Air Traffic Controllers  

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Air Traffic Controllers have flooded the headlines as of late.

People may be wondering how and why all these sleepy controllers are just now coming to light.

These are my thoughts;

Back in the 80's Air Traffic Controllers, who were and are government employees, went on strike and subsequently were fired. No government employees are allowed to strike.

This makes me believe that since these employees are not given the right to strike over bonifide issues, their employers have carte blanche to tromp all over low-level employee safety issues and a plethora of other rights.

A strike is out of the question for these employees so, they must look for other avenues to gain attention to their plight.

This writer could be wrong but, I believe the Controllers shook off the sleep deprived webs and used good old fashioned imagination and intuitiveness, and decided "let's have a sporadic, nation wide sleep out".

Nothing formally organized, no picket signs, no blue flu, just snores mingling with the hum of equipment on a dark silent night in a tower at 3:00AM.

I like it.

The usual governmental stance, put a bandaide on it and maybe the hemoraging will stop.

The government's answer to the problem is a joke at best.

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