Good Morning America!

These thoughts are from an average person, not a paid professional writer, or a computer geek purist, just thoughts from a common everyday folk perspective.

So, what are your thoughts?

Don't Label Me  

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Now that the election is over, the Ugly American is sitting poised, rigid and snarling, for the ugliest portrait created.

That portrait is painted with brushes of labeling. Strokes of intolerance, hate, hypocrisy, every hideous hue created.  Just don't label me.

The Gallup poll reports that in 2011 40% of Americans considered themselves Indepenents and the number is growing. 

Americans are living under the fallout of Republican Conservatives and Democrat Liberals as they shoot their arrows of rhetoric at each other over our heads, not caring where the poo of their fallout lands.

Consevative claims of righteousness, family and following the Word of God falls short in my eyes. Shunning and ostracising those who disagree with their stance is abhorrent. Not one of them sits on the right hand of God in collaboration on who is and who isn't a Child of God.  Don't label me.

Democrat Liberals claim fairness and equality for all is a falsehood. They too claim to know God but choose to skirt His word to suit their own unGod-like agendas.  Don't label me.

All the while 40% of us Americans or more, are stuck in the middle of the two. We were stuck voting for the lessor of two evils. Dont't label me.

The election is over and both these evils are still slinging poo with no regards as to where it lands.

Conservatives are stoking the ugly pallette of civil disobedience. Liberals are stoking the ugly pallette of anarchy. Don't any one on either side dare label me.

Assault Rifles Assaults Logic.  

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Alright,  I'll take the heat for what I'm  about to say; Why did Adam Lanza's mother have an assault rifle?  I back the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution however, I believe people (as usual) pervert it's original meaning. There is no good reason to have assault rifles, none. The people who insist on owning these type of weapons have only their egos on top of their mindless list.

Delusions of grandeur running loose through their loins. Assault rifles are not about protecting home, life and property. Owning these weapons is about wipping out an appendage to see whose is bigger.

Hand guns, hunting rifles and the like, fine own them be honest as to why. Assault rifles are used  to cause mass casualties in wars. Everyday people have no need to own, practice or use these weapons of mass destruction.

Why did this woman own such a weapon especially if she knew her one son in her household was not mentally sound.

The perverse thinking of human kind about their inalienable rights astounds me and most of the time... makes me sick.

Old School Banking a Better Way  

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Back in the day,  when I  bounced on my grandparent's knee and the price of gas was a dime. Banks were not an option they'd consider.

Back then, old school country folk didn't trust banks. Yes, they'd stash their hard earned nickels and dimes in an empty coffee can and hide it under a floor board or under the bed or, if they had paper money, they'd stuff the mattress in the guest bedroom.

Now, in this new millennia, it seems the hard working Americans, those of us who get our hands dirty from back breaking work, will have to resort to our grandparents way of banking.

Now, the banks want to charge another fee. This fee is a charge to customers for using our own money.

Bank of America is now charging $5 to use their debt card monthly while Wells Fargo and Chase are testing a $3 fee monthly for the same service

All the while, the Board of Directors and Stock Holders are lining their pockets and still enjoying their plush lifestyles.

My advice to all of us, start stuffing your mattresses and keeping old coffee cans, this way we'll keep some of our money from the greedy well-to-dos.