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Does anything by Yahell last?  

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Seriously, does anything created by or for Yahoo ever last?

The latest Yahoo death is GeoCities.

Is anyone really going to miss GeoCities, other than for sentimental reasons. Matthew Sussman at BlogCritic didn't seem to think so:

History will look back on the GeoCities project as a failure peppered with individual successes. The first-time Internet homeowners eventually traded up for widgets, RSS, and Twitter functionality. But like their first apartment, they'll always remember that dinky, plaid-colored website they somehow created themselves, wipe a tear from their eye, and exclaim, "Jesus Christ, that looked terrible." READ MORE
His comment is quite comical -- don't you think?

But, before Geo's timely [they should have shot them sooner] demise, 360 bit the dust, before that, the Message Boards were changed and totally screwed up and the biggest fiasco of all, Yahoo Clubs were dismantled and made into groups. Oh and, Y!Mash whatever happened to Y!Mash?

I hate the Yahoo message boards, you can't keep track of anything. I would spend hours trying to find a conversation I was taking part in -- now, I just don't go there any more.

Yahoo groups are "iffy" I liked the clubs much better -- the clubs could be made more intimate and homey. The Groups seem so antiseptic and sterile.

So, what's with Yahoo? Why are they always fixing what isn't broken?

I've made sure to have another email address, just in case Yahoo decides to go helter-skelter with their Web mail. Trusting Google with my email seems to be a no brainer.

Maybe there's a name change in the wind for Yahoo. I'm thinking -- Yahell, that sounds more like it.

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