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Using Face Book and Twitter  

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For me, I like to advertise my blogs on both Face Book and Twitter. I have what is known as a severe case of Bloggorhea [a word I picked up off the television]

I like the word logorrhea which I do have a severe case of too -- so, why not play a bit of Scrabble with it and come up with a new word. Both words describe excessive use of rambling on -- right!

Now the Internet rage is FaceBook and Twitter. Believe it or not there are still people out there who haven't a clue what either of them are.

I mentioned tweeting something to someone to a friend of mine and they had no clue as to what on earth I was talking about.

Twitter has become so big that you will see twitter advertisements on the television.

Your local News Stations tell their viewers "Follow us on Twitter"

Celebrities are using Twitter in droves.

Watching "The View" a couple of months back, the ladies were making a big to-do about how Barbara Walters was now on Twitter.

Celebs from Shaq to Venus and Serena Williams to Paris Hilton, too... use Twitter. In fact the Williams sisters consistent users of Twitter. So consistent that Serena twits about every move she makes.

Right after her oopsey at the U.S Open, Serena tweeted her apologies to all her fans following her on Twitter. Then she went on to twit about her book signings and about her and Venus' night at the Dolphins game.

I really wanted to send her a message but as you can guess, there was no way I could find to send her one. I guess she has that blocked -- rightfully so, she's got quite a few followers, can you imagine all the messages she would get.

Sports teams, Authors, News, Celebs and Television shows are beating down the doors on FaceBook too.

This makes me wonder if President Obama is right -- are newspapers in trouble? Everyone seems to be flocking to social networking and the internet for their information. Should there be a bill to BAIL-OUT THE PRESS

FaceBook uses:

People use FaceBook for various reason. The average person uses it to stay in contact with friends and family. They post pictures, send messages and use it for community services. Many find friends from long ago to play catch up.

Businesses use it for their employees, or to advertise their business and plan meetings. Authors, writers use it to Network and sell their books etc...

Twitter uses

Tweeting a blog or web site you're reading at the time. I have found that some people use it like a personal diary and tweet insignificant information but, to each his own. I've done that myself.

Personally, I like the micro blogging of twitter. There's not a bunch of applications suddenly showing up on your page. Everything tweeted is short, sweet and, too the point.

If people want to click on the url you've tweeted they can.

FaceBook has bugs. Sometimes you can't see pictures or you can't click on an application or you can't log in, the drama goes on and on...

Yet, FB is still growing. There's even been talk about paying for it -- that I won't do.

So, what do you use FB or Twitter for?

I wonder does anyone else think that social networking is making society socially bankrupt? Has anyone done a study on that?

Show me the numbers.

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