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A Beauty of a Miracle  

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It's amazing how advanced modern medicine is. There are heart transplants, kidney transplants, liver transplants and now a face transplant.

This may be old news but non the less, it's still amazing. This woman, Connie Culp has a bran, spank'in new face. What a lovely face she has too.

A midst her tragedy something good came out of it. Her husband the nut job who got off with only 7 years for his attempted murder and suicide. Which, in my not so humble opinion, seems like a slap in her lovely new face [pardon the pun] But now, Connie is gorgeous.
When her husband shot her five years ago, Connie Culp was left without a nose, a palate or lower eyelids, but now she has revealed her new face.
I know the emotional pain of what she went through will take years to heal. Now she has something to feel good about herself.

It's amazing what the Doctors at Cleveland clinic did for her this past year. It makes me proud Cleveland is known for something this world class.
The 46-year-old mother of two underwent a procedure last December that lasted 22 hours at the Cleveland Clinic in the state of Ohio.

Surgeons transplanted about 80% of Culp's face using facial tissue from a dead woman that was placed like a mask atop her own. Almost her entire face was replaced, except for the forehead, upper eyelids, lower lip and chin. READ MORE====>
I'm truly happy for this woman and pray life gives her much more to smile about and wish for the ugliness of her past to leave her in peace.

Excellent work you Doctors up at Cleveland Clinic, just excellent.

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