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Victims of the Civilized  

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There are so many homeless animals running loose in America, all due to human failing.

My son rescued Jazzy, pictured above, a three month old puppy, from this type of human failing. We also have been adopted by Jaden, also pictured above,  a young male cat. Jaden was either dumped off or has gotten lost and now has made his home with us.

Jazzy was locked in a room, barely fed, never taken outside and rarely shown human affection. When my son went and took her from his friend, her ribs were showing. Now she's fattened up and romps like a puppy should.

People are supposedly, the avant guard of civility yet, continually disappoint in the area of compassion towards our animal friends. Humanity's arrogance is astounding.
The good news, there are those who recognize this failing and are doing something about it.
Please follow this link and help do something for the innocent: Animal Shelter

The animals didn't ask or choose to be out in the streets, their plight is due to the failure of humanity.

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