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South Park Controversy Stirred by Two Moron Converts  

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So it figures, two moronic converts try to flame the fires of hostility.

Probably two little rich kids with too much time on their hands. Do these folks have a job other than dipping their hands into  Dad and Mom's pockets?

Seems to me if they did, they wouldn't have time to stir the pot of dissidence.

I must say, it's good news that most mainstream Muslims, like everyone else, can take satire with a grain of salt:

But has there really been any Muslim outrage? The characterisation of Muhammad in a July 2001 episode entitled "Super Best Friends", where he teams up with Jesus, Moses, and Buddha to defeat evil (even though Buddha "doesn't really believe in evil"), has been available for viewing online (if not on a spooked Comedy Central) for nine years without censorship, more than enough time to spark another cartoon crisis if Muslims really cared. As should be obvious by now, they don't. READ MORE

As for these two idiots threatening South Park, they don't speak for most Muslims.

As for South Park giving in -- COWARDS!

For those who buy into the old adage "Satire is the lowest form of wit" -- that adage is wrong, satire is an art form appreciated by those with a high-brow of wit.

Those two Muslim Coverts need to go home to Mommy and Daddy's backyard and play in their sandboxes.

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