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A Twitter Twit  

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I'm reading: A Twitter TwitTweet this!

Scrolling down my Twitter page I found this interesting blog post by bbrian017 at BlogEngage.

His post questions whether or not he's using twitter in the correct context.

From a non-geek and non-business owner perspective, I believe he's using Twitter just fine.

What I've seen on Twitter, just as I've seen on FaceBook, is that people use these two popular social media networks for various reasons.

  1. Marketing their online businesses.
  2. Marketing their local businesses.
  3. Marketing their blogs.
  4. Marketing their websites.
  5. Twittering just to be tweeting.
  6. Making friends or business networking
Athletes twitter -- Shaq, the Williams sisters, many Professional sports teams [Go CAVS]  have a designated tweet twitterer.

Visiting a blog post by Israeli Mom -- 11 Things Twitter is Good For, I found one of many interesting reasons she uses Twitter.  She uses twitter for importing or finding products cheaper elsewhere than they are in her home country. Frankly, this idea never occurred to me.

Mainly, various entrepreneurs use Twitter to gain customer interest -- Verizon uses twitter to let customers know of new offers or to gain new customers, Starbucks posts new offers and participates in threaded discussions, JetBlue offers Twitter-based customer service as does ComCast the list goes on.  

And, yes, those of us who don't own businesses or have no specialized knowledge in any one thing in particular, but a severe case of bloggorhea, use Twitter to gain blog readership.

I use Twitter to notify the cyberworld of a new post on one of my many blogs. Twitter also comes in handy for different news venues. I've used many of the tweets [like bbrian017] for ideas on blog posts.

My personal thoughts on Twitter vs. FaceBook, twitter is much easier, less complicated and doesn't have the bugs FaceBook has. FaceBook tends to wear on my nerves with all its glitches [that's another post].

If you like this post -- by all means TWEET it! Then tweet it again and again and...  

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