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Maj. Hasan: What Have You Done!  

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You've just opened up a vipers nest, is what you've done.

Military personnel must always be able to trust their own and you've highhandedly obliterated a military sacred trust. 

The tragedy at Fort Hood in no doubt has America reeling. As a Veteran, I am stunned and feel violated.

Most of us are asking the how and why a trust usually so deep could be shattered here on our home soil. Or how and why a Soldier could turn on his comrades in such a hideous manner.

Being a Veteran [an old school G.I], I know about the military lifestyle and it's different from the civilian one. Every time I walk into a VA clinic or hospital I feel and see the difference. It makes me feel like I belong to a unit.

When I went to boot camp [way back when] I knew that the main objective of military training was to break down the old self and build a new one. We were taught not be individuals but to be a unit. It didn't matter that we may not have liked or down right hated another G.I., for some reason or another, it was ingrained in us that we were all one and were to always have each others back.

Trusting your fellow G.I. was and still is, a matter of life and death [At least that's how the thinking was back when I served this country]. This is especially true during war time and when we're on foreign soil. To think that this happened here on home soil and by an American, is mind boggling. 

Understand, this trust idea as a thought process maybe foreign to some civilians who've never been in the military or around the military way of life, but to those active duty personnel and many of us veterans, it was/is vital.

No one will truly know his answer as to why commit this most horrendous type of treason against fellow soldiers, until Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan speaks. This man has opened the door for every kind of American racist, bigot, Islamaphobe to come out of the woodwork.

There's already speculation starting to run a muck in the American community. The media and the government have been quite careful not to mention the words terrorist or terrorism.

To my way of thinking, Hasan's actions are nothing but terrorism because he's backhandedly terrorized America and American Muslims. American Muslims are now running scared, worried about any backlash that their community may suffer. Don't be fooled, yes, there will be some type of backlash. What, only time will tell.

In my opinion, he's committed the worst kind of treason against the American Government, the Military, the American people and most importantly the American families he's destroyed.

Terrorism any where, but especially on home soil, can not be tolerated. Question is, how is the Government going to handle this very, very hot potato.

My sincere and deepest condolences to all families and active duty personnel that this has befallen.

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