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Excuse me -- PhoneScoop, where's . . .  

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I'm reading: Excuse me -- PhoneScoop, where's . . .Tweet this!

. . . .the in depth review on the LG EnV Touch 11000?

Many people value PhoneScoop's break down on wireless phones in their review section, but for some reason the ball has been dropped on the LG EnV Touch.

I usually go to PhoneScoop's website to read their professional take on all the new cell phones that have or are coming out. This morning, I visited their website and couldn't find their "Review" on the LG EnV Touch from Verizon.

Right now, PS is focusing on the Motorola Droid, I was wondering if they'd forgotten to write an in depth review for the Touch.

I found the Youtube video tour of the EnV Touch, but being old school, I like to read what's said more than watching a video [my computer is old and cantankerous like me so, you'll understand that the start and stop of videos tends to get on our nerves].

Not that I believe there's some conspiracy or anything like that, it just has me wondering what happened.

However, I did find user reviews. They like me own a Touch and from reading the first few reviews, we all agree that the EnV Touch is a great phone with some draw backs of course.

My ordinary folk review of the EnV Touch:


  1. The external touch screen is great. The graphics have fabulous resolution with this phone. The internal screen screen is just as nice.
  2. The texting is great with this phone. The qwerty keyboard is larger than previous EnVs, which makes texting easier for us who don't see very well. For those touch screen purists, you can still text with the phone closed on the external screen.
  3. The pictures taken with this phone are great. Much clearer than previous EnV models.
  4. I like the ring tones on this phone -- ring tones are an id of mine and I like the ones that come with the phone.
  5. Call quality is about the same as the other EnVs.
  6. The contact list is good and I like how they've incorporated the favorites tab from the Dare [I own the Dare too]
  7. Great MP3 player -- clear sound, with or without the headphones.
  8. Fun writing pad -- you can personalize your wall paper with your own handwriting.
  9. Touch screen doesn't freeze as much like the Dare.
  10. Great thin design -- longer in length and thinner compared to the other EnVs.
  11. Searching the web is better than the Dare.

  1. Battery life needs serious help. It could be the phone I bought, but the battery drains much faster than what I'm use to with LG phones. You'd think that LG could have made adjustments to the battery since the graphics and programs are more progressive than previous models -- the 1500 mAh battery, not the 950 mAh, should have been standard.
  2. Front screen is awful in the sunlight.
  3. As with all touch screens, fingerprints are a problem [for me they're a problem, I don't like yucky stuff on my phone]
  4. If you like using the speaker phone you can't when this phone is closed.
Overall, I love this phone even with its short-comings.

I'm more disappointed that PhoneScoop didn't have their usually great in depth review for the Touch. Usually, I'll make a decision on whether to buy a phone or not by what PhoneScoop has to say. That's how I made the decision not to buy a Blackberry.

Though PhoneScoop fumbled this one time, I still believe they're a great site and I'll continue to read what they have to say about any future phones that I'll buy.

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