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Assault Rifles Assaults Logic.  

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Alright,  I'll take the heat for what I'm  about to say; Why did Adam Lanza's mother have an assault rifle?  I back the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution however, I believe people (as usual) pervert it's original meaning. There is no good reason to have assault rifles, none. The people who insist on owning these type of weapons have only their egos on top of their mindless list.

Delusions of grandeur running loose through their loins. Assault rifles are not about protecting home, life and property. Owning these weapons is about wipping out an appendage to see whose is bigger.

Hand guns, hunting rifles and the like, fine own them be honest as to why. Assault rifles are used  to cause mass casualties in wars. Everyday people have no need to own, practice or use these weapons of mass destruction.

Why did this woman own such a weapon especially if she knew her one son in her household was not mentally sound.

The perverse thinking of human kind about their inalienable rights astounds me and most of the time... makes me sick.

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